Chef Markus Klein spoils his guests with our menu of local dishes. Good food in expert hands and with an appreciation of the essential, always creative but not too unconventional.
   His reputation is built on quality and freshness, guaranteed by our local suppliers. Knowing where the things we serve come from is particularly important to us. Personal knowledge of the producer and local supplier is always considered to be more important than famous brand names or the products of large anonymous companies. Our farmers provide us with high quality beef and lamb raised on the soft Black Forest meadows and with fresh farm eggs and aromatic potatoes. Keen hunters add to the richness of our menu with wild game.
   Trout are a particular speciality of the house, either obtained from a specialist fish farm or during the fishing season caught in our own trout stream.
   Another delicacy is our ham which is made using an old house recipe, salted and cold smoked in the traditional Black Forest way and then left for several months to mature. During the harvest season the local farmers' wives supply us with crisp salads, fresh vegetables, all kinds of fresh greens and sweet forest berries. The Head Gardener cultivates and looks after the old monastery garden, providing the delicate herbs which give the finishing touches to our dishes.
   Our interest in fine wines is obvious from the select winelist. There you will find wines from well known regions like Burgundy and famous châteaux of Bordeaux, as well as the renown wine growers and respected vineyards in Baden Württemberg.

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