Some parts of the present Hotel once belonged to a Benedictine monastery, founded in 1140 by monks who settled here in the upper valley of the Wolf, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Black Forest.
   The monks built the brewery and the blacksmith's shop ín the building that you see in the KLÖSTERLE HOF today. It has been a holiday hotel run by the Klein family for generations, and continues to welcome people into its 10 guest rooms for holidays, taking the "Kur" at the health resort or stopping off on tours of the Black Forest.
    The KLÖSTERLE HOF is a relaxing contrast to the hectic page of modern life, peaceful, and at the same time contemplative, with its cosy guestrooms, the comfortable studios, or the charming restaurant with its delicate local cuisine and specially chosen wines.
   An opportunity to take a break, switch off and enjoy yourself.

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